Real Weddings

wedding photos in gorgeous gardens and fabulous forests

Real wedding photos

Wedding photos are, lets be honest, the most important photos you will ever have taken. These aren’t your passport pics or awkward school snaps because those are hilarious when they’re bad. They really matter and that’s why I only take on a limited number of weddings each year. Firstly so I can really put my time and effort into them, and because they take time and enthusiasm to do right. I only do one wedding fair – the quirky fair which lets me meet lots of likeminded couples and attracts lots of awesome folk.

No photographer doesn’t enjoy the chance to wander about a stunning landscape and take photos of lovely people! As an Irish wedding photographer you are pretty much prepared for any sort of weather but more often than not it turns out fine! I promise I won’t make you walk up a mountain (unless you really want to) but nature provides some stunning backgrounds for photographs. Add a little good light and you have the wedding photographer’s dream. Lashing down – not a problem! Snowing – Love it!!

More couples in crazy happy love

There are so many stunning wedding venues across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK which offer a fantastic mix of beautiful interiors and jaw dropping scenery which mean you can get a real mix with your wedding photography. I like to be creative with my photography so lots of focus on you and shooting from different angles to get you a range of portraits to look back on! Here are some more of the lovely couples who have trusted me to document their day. Check out the images below and if ya like what you see get in touch!