Wedding Party Photographs

you are the dancing queens!

Til Death Do Us Party!!!

Wedding Party Photographs are the business!! I mean seriously just look at the moves on display in this gallery! I have to admit the dance floor is where some amazing photographs happen! Why are dance floor photos so important? I think its because they’re where you really let your hair down! Everybody has had a great day and therefore they are ready to dance the night away. First dances are a great way to start the party. Father Daughter dances always make me weepy so look out for sobs behind the camera. As soon as the dance floor is filled you can bet it will stay that way because we all love a chance to boogie.

As a music lover myself this is a big part of the celebrations for me and I love getting right in the middle of the dancing to get you some shots of your friends and family throwing shapes like you’ve never seen before!! whether its your favourite band or fabulous drag queens, I love a good wedding party!

Are you in the mood for dancing?

Of course you are! Above all else your wedding is a celebration after all. Champagne has flowed, the heels are off and the dancefloor is buzzing. Your photographer has gone home and meanwhile the dancefloor is on fire! How will you prove the greatest party ever happened at your wedding? That’s why I love to hang about until just after the first dance to get some of the action. Want more dance floor photos? Absolutely no problem we can add on a bit more time. Want just dance floor photos because your dad’s mate Dave is doing your other photos as a “present”? Give me a shout I have my dancing shoes ready.

cHave a look at the wedding party photographs below so see some epic dance moves and if you like what you see get in touch