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family lifestyle photography

What is family lifestyle photography?

Gone are the days of dragging your kids to a big white box to have their photos taken. They cry, you cry at the money you’ve spent to get miserable photos. The dog cries because it wasn’t allowed in the studio. Everybody’s day is ruined. With family lifestyle photography my shoots allow you to get gorgeous family photos in your natural surroundings. Your sofa, your garden, a favourite place to go on a day out. Wherever you fancy we can turn it into a perfect photo location. you get better photos because it’s relaxed and fun.  Using natural light means no intimidating lights to scare the kiddies and because you can bring along furry family members too nobody gets left out. (Well maybe don’t bring the cats to the park let’s do that one at home)

But sure we have an iphone?

As a pretty new mum myself I fully understand the importance of capturing family moments. My little girl really has changed everything about how I see the world and she’s only a few months old. Time disappears so fast it really is scary. For that reason we can be guilty of just taking phone snaps and photos of special occasions because its easy.

Crazy Happy Love’s Family lifestyle photography is all about getting photos which really show you as a family at your happiest. You can’t time travel and you really should have memories to treasure. A favourite place, at home, hanging out with the cats and dogs. Selfies are great as little snap shots but these are keepsake images you can enjoy forever.

Unlike lots of other family photographers there are no hidden costs with Crazy Happy Love family photography. I don’t believe in upselling and all that nonsense because they’re your photos after all. A shoot costs £295 and you get all the images from the day print ready in a gallery and on a keepsake USB. This can be shared and downloaded as you like. I can happily organise prints or gifts for you if you would like.

Get in touch to chat about your ideas now!! I like to spend time chatting to younger family members to put them at ease though my red hair usually means they love me as I look like Elmo. As for the pets –  I am a huge fan of furry family members joining in too (as yet all 3 of my cats have never been in one photo with us but I have Dreamies and patience so it will happen one day)