Shiny Happy People

gorgeous wedding photos from city weddings

Gorgeous people and their gorgeous photos

As a Belfast based wedding photographer it’s no surprise that I love a city wedding. Looking out for stunning architecture as a backdrop for gorgeous wedding photos. In Belfast we are spoilt for amazing street art and local landmarks which all make fantastic photo opportunities. The main focus of the day will always be you and your wedding, but an interesting background always helps. The possibilities are endless and there’s not as much mud to ruin your dress. From Queen’s University to Botanic Gardens, The Duke of York to Titanic, Belfast really has a million great spots you can use. And don’t worry I try something a little different each tie so your photos are truly unique.

Take back the City

If you’re looking for something a little bit different think outside the box – I love hearing your suggestions. City Weddings are a fantastic chance to show your friends and family the city you live in and why you love it. Plenty for those who have travelled long distances to do, more places to hide should the dreaded rain appear and lots of great places to take gorgeous photos of you two!