Sweet Emotion

Candid wedding photos of real moments

Why do we want candid wedding photos?

Totally natural and unposed, candid wedding photos of little heart bursting moments are such an important part of your wedding photography. That sneaky sniffle from your bridesmaid or the grooms man with something in his eye – the speeches are the perf Hate posing for photos – not a problem I’ll hide in a bush if you like. Love being the centre of attention – grab some sparklers and lets go crazy! Don’t want to grin/grimace for 2hours for family portraits? Sure I’ll snap everybody while you chat to them at the drinks reception or on the dancefloor! Less posing = more dancing I mean thats a pretty easy choice!

Hold on I’ve something in my eye…

I’ve had enough teary eyes behind the camera at weddings to know how emotional the day is. I mean my mascara is on the floor by the end of most weddings. It’s such an honour to be a little part of the day and hear all the funny stories and speeches. I’ve had some really emotional ones for instance Emma and Chris’s big day which was featured on Confetti.  Best men be warned though – that speech about how you’re sitting beside the person most likely to murder you one has been overdone!  Try a little harder