This is Reportage – Weddings during corona virus

Weddings during corona virus

As many of you know the current pandemic has hit the wedding industry hard! So many of you are affected and it sucks! Having to change all your plans for weddings during corona virus is not easy. We photographers understand and are trying to work together to help you. I’m a member of an awesome community of Photographers called This Is Reportage. It features all documentary style work. It is such an inspirational site full of amazing images by amazing photographers. I’m genuinely proud to be in there. We are all trying our best to help our couples get the best possible outcome in all this. Changing dates, offering advise, working with them to make new plans.

It’s so important to all of us as this really isn’t just a job. There’s a genuine connection with everyone we work with, how could there not be when it’s something so special we are working on! The site put a call out for photographers to take part in their next podcast and tell their stories about covid 19. I thought some of you might enjoy a listen or a read 

You can check out my Reportage page HERE and listen to the blog post below if you’re interested in hearing photographers talk about their experience during the pandemic and how we are all coping and trying to make the most of it!

And it’s another reason to STAY HOME as ya have something to listen to now!! And please if there’s anything I can help with get in touch – some tips and advise are in my last blog post too!