A bit about me...

The one behind the camera.

This isn’t about me it’s about you but in the interest of sharing here’s a bit about me! My name is Carrie Davenport and I’ve been working for myself as a photographer for 14 years now. I love chatting – I love hearing about your plans and stories. If you bring pets I will cuddle them! We will probably go for a pint at some point since once I shoot your wedding we are mates obviously. I will absolutely have a great time chatting to your relatives on the big day. It’s a definite that I will end up talking to someone about cameras because I cant help myself! When I’m not behind a camera I’m listening to music, hanging out with my cats and my little girl. I love great food, nice wine and am a vegan so if you’re looking a leather album you won’t find it here I’m afraid. I offer gorgeous linen and tweed ones instead! My hair is bright red so I’m easy to spot for a photo op and I am a total people person who loves the chance to chat to all your lovely guests!!
My photography career started shooting gigs and musicians 2 decades ago when I was still studying photography at college. I first fell in love with photography when I was in school. I always loved art and photography was a new way to create. It also served as a way to get out of maths class by hiding in the darkroom because nobody ever checked there.  Needless to say I am still terrible at maths but the photography worked out ok so it’s all good!!
After a brief phase photographing old buildings and street art like all art students do, I quickly realised that I LOVED working with people.  What better way to meet lots of amazing new people than through photographing their happiest moments. Weddings, engagements and family events – all the big occasions. In my career I’ve shot everyone from Taylor Swift to ACDC, and even the Queen one time in Bushmills so I’m well versed in portraits. Weddings however, are a really special chance to photograph images people will treasure for years to come (and your ears ring less afterwards!). I love looking back through photos – here’s one of my granny and me back in 1984 for you to enjoy!
I’m now lucky enough to be married with a little girl (they’re looking gorgeous in the black and white photo above) and now more than ever I know the importance of great photos. Your photos should be another exciting and fun part of your day – not something you dread and that takes you away from everyone for hours on end. I shoot quickly (hey you paid for that drinks reception so you should be at it right??) in a relaxed style to get real smiles and make it something fun. I love nothing more than giving people photos they look at and love. Hate being photographed – me too!!
Shooting in a relaxed, documentary photography style to capture creative images with colour and emotion.  I want to get you photos which show the big moments and little details. And let’s not forget the epic dance floor moves your uncle bob threw which you will look back on for years to come and laugh at.

Documentary Wedding Photography

don't say cheese!

So what am I looking out for on your wedding day? It’s all about the story! The little details and moments which make it special.  The things you might miss as you’re too busy having the time of your lives. And of course some stunning portraits of you two looking lovely. Then let’s get the family and friends in for some too! if you want your wedding photography to tell a story and probably make you cry some happy tears too then I am the one for you!