Emotional Wedding Speech

It’s Wedding Speech Time

Wedding Speech Time!!

It’s that point in the day the guests can’t wait for and the best man wants to cry about. Yup, it’s wedding speech time!! I was born with the gift of the gab and then some so I Love a good speech -but not everyone is a public speaker. Personally I enjoy making a game of it and betting on timings and I love hearing funny stories. I also love the chance to get fab photos of guests laughing and crying

Speech tips …

Prepare – if you have pointers written in advance you won’t be as nervous

Test drive it – read it to someone who won’t be there see how it goes and practise doing it in front of someone.

share fab stories and use this as a moment to say something lovely to the couple on their big day. Everyone loves a wee tear in their eye during speech time

Remember it’s not a roast – don’t go too hard on anyone. Keep jokes suited to the wedding party (if there are kids there maybe best leave out the f bombs! Stag do stories stay on the stag do. Same for the hens!)

It may be no craic but maybe no jagerbombs til after the speech

Don’t use jokes from page one of google they will all have been heard before!

You aren’t Jimmy Carr on a stand up tour – you do not need to do a 55minute one man show. People are hungry!

Some venues don’t allow it but speeches before dinner mean everyone can relax and enjoy their meal

Break tradition

More and more brides make a speech now which I absolutely love. It shouldn’t be just the hubby getting to talk for a bit. It’s your day too! Sometime’s folk drop them entirely – and again if your dad is so nervous he won’t be able to cope then why make him suffer. The joy of weddings being so different now is that you can do what you like. they are a great chance for some fab candid pics though so here are some of my favourites…

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