Couple shoot on a beach in DOnegal

Corona Virus And Your Wedding

Couple shoot on a beach in DOnegal

Corona Virus and your wedding

The Uninvited guest

Corona Virus and your wedding – well a global pandemic forcing you to change all your plans and stay indoors hiding for the sake of your health probably wasn’t on many people’s wedding planning schedules! So what do you do now the unthinkable has happened and your wedding has been affected. The most important thing (though you’ll hate me for saying it) is don’t panic! Well have a little panic, sob a bit and drink some of the wedding stash in your jammies. Hey you can’t leave the house may as well drink prosecco in a duvet fort right?

But then get that wedding planner head on and get cracking on reorganising your big day. If you are following guidelines, staying safe and washing your hands a million times a day then chances are you will not get sick. But you have to think of all your guests and put their safety first. Remember that and this will hurt a lot less (I hope) I feel for you guys so much and I wish I could hug you all but I can’t! So instead I can offer a few tips.

Corona Virus and your wedding – Changing your plans

The big thing to do when reorganising is chat to your venue and your suppliers. Don’t just panic book the first date that comes to mind – chat to the big things (Photography, flowers, music etc) and find out their availability then go from there. As suppliers we want to do the best we can for you. In my case this means handling emails and calls, answering any questions people may have. Also helping people settle on new dates and transferring deposits to cover new dates. My deposits are completely transferrable to a new date so long as I am available. The sooner you let me know the new dates you have in mind, the sooner I can pencil those in for you and hang onto them. As suppliers these are scary times for us too so we feel your pain!

I shoot solo so remember there is only one of me which means I can do one wedding a day! Please do get in touch before you book a new date so I can make sure I am free to shoot for you. I’m determined to be at as many of your weddings as possible as we put so much effort into plans I’d be gutted to not be a part of your day! Please remember peak dates may already be booked – Saturdays in bank holiday weekends for instance are a high hope, but do ask. If your date was particularly special to you consider leaving it until 2021 to get the same day.For many the date is less of a thing so be flexible and work with your suppliers to get the best possible new wedding plans in place.

Photo nerves?

If you booked an engagement shoot that may not happen before your wedding. Even if your original date is still unaffected, it won’t be possible to do any shoots til lockdown ends. If this makes you nervous let’s get a video call set up and chat through plans and ideas. This will calm any nerves and give us a chance to catch up. I can send tips and advise and your photos will still be just as fabulous. I can offer advise on new light, new venues and all sorts of things. Your photos should be fun and they will be! I will make sure of it!

Remember that everyone is trying to change their wedding dates so things may take a little longer to get delivered. My usual turnaround is 4 weeks and I aim to meet this. But I will do the job right not rush so if I need a little longer please be patient.

Keep everyone up to date

Make sure to let your suppliers know your changes as soon as you have them too so they can plan! And don’t forget to let your family and friends know what’s happening too – even if you don’t have any new plans set in stone it’s a good idea to let them know things have been postponed. If you have a wedding website keep it up to date, send an email list round to your guests so you don’t have to contact everyone individually as constantly repeating things will get you down.

If you are changing seasons think about how that will affect photos and other aspects of your day – it gets darker earlier in autumn than spring, people will be colder in December than july etc.

Focus on the positives

I know its hard when you have had a date set in your minds for so long and now it changes for reasons you can not control but try not to dwell on the downsides.

When your new date finally comes it will be even better for the fact you will have waited so long and missed your family so much – just think how good hugs will feel when we are all reunited with our loved ones!

Til then chin up and if you have any questions just get in touch and I’m happy to help in any way I can

So when it comes to Corona Virus and your wedding just remember – we need to be safe to be able to all party together when this ends so keep up the staying at home and social distancing for now and following any advice we are all given. This will all end soon and you WILL get the day you dreamed of!

good luck, stay safe and I cannot wait to see you all soon xx

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