dog at wedding photograph by Crazy Happy Love

Who’s a good Boy???

Man’s Best Friend

So the day is set and you want your nearest and dearest there. That should definitely include your four legged family members too! I absolutely love when people have their pets involved at weddings. Sadly for me with 3 cats it wasn’t possible. They can’t really be trained to walk up an aisle or stay in a new place and not run to the hills! Next year I have dogs, cows, and even horses to be included in photos and I cannot wait! Animals at weddings is definitely one of the biggest joys in life – especially if they have a wee bowtie on! Doggy ring bearers, kitties at the morning prep, arriving on your horse, train your guinea pig to do the first dance, I mean the possibilities are endless!! Before I bombard you with adorable doggy photos here are a few planning tips…

Don’t ask don’t get

Always ask your venue first. It may come as a surprise but not everyone loves your dog as much as you do. Some venues have strict rules and expensive furnishings and they are less inclined to see Mr Woofles as adorable and more as a slobber risk. If you really want your pet there check before you book and look for venues who will allow it.


If any of your guests are of the allergy stricken genre probably best to warn them first. That way they will be crying tears of joy not tears of itchiness.

Dress To Impress

some dogs are fine with cute outfits, some are not. don’t make the poor pupper miserable. Try anything you plan to put on them in advance. If they hate it then maybe best to let it go. If they will wear it, make sure nothing is a choke hazard if it gets caught and won’t irritate them during your ceremony.

Plan ahead

You will have to go away for photos without your pup at some point, you will also have a lot of guests to chat too. It’s also probably not that easy to do walkies in heels and a floor length gown. Have someone who can take your pet away when they have had enough and have somewhere arranged for them to stay. Bring bribes for photos – dreamies and bonio will work a lot better than a photographer pleading for them to look at the camera. Also if you have cats at any part of the day make sure your flowers are safe for them – lilies for instance are poisonous to kitties.

And if they can’t make it

Why not include them in your engagement shoot. Or get ther photos for your save the dates or invites. Nobody will say no to “my humans are getting married”


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