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Family Photo Time

We Are Family

Once the main part of wedding photos, set up family group shots  have now fallen a bit out of fashion. A more documentary approach to wedding photography means these often get overlooked for entirely candid shots. Standing around for ages when you could be drinking champagne –  I mean I get it thats no fun. But this is the one day everyone will be together and all dolled up.

We only really take family photos at special occasions and I like to make sure with every wedding I shoot there is a little time to do some family photos.  I don’t take long – I always get a list in advance and work through it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of your day.  That ten minutes gives you photos of everyone to look back on alongside the candid shots of the day. They don’t even have to be rigid groups in lines they can be fun and relaxed – going for a walk or chilling on a sofa. but it definitely is worth taking the time to get just a few.

A few tips to make formal portraits easy…

They don’t have to be formal – just be yourselves and enjoy it

Don’t wing it. Have a list in advance for me it means I know who all needs to be included and will have a best man or bridesmaid round them up while we do your portraits. Then you get to say hey to everyone and get a few smiley pics before dinner

Planning a full group photo – if you want all your guests do this right after the ceremony or right before dinner. No other time will work as somebody will be at the bar, having a smoke, at the loo etc…

think of it as ten minutes to invest in photos your family will love and frame for the mantlepiece.


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