Caroline & Gar’s covered in sunflowers Dublin City Wedding

Something in my eye

What can I say about Caroline and Gar!! I first met this pair of legends in March 2017. Newly hitched myself and just back to work after dragging out a ridiculously long honeymoon. They were the best way I could ever have started back. I am not ashamed to admit I ended up having a wee cry at the Belfast City Hall elopement. Brian Kennedy sang their favourite song and their very closest family were there. Gar’s son and daughter and Caroline’s sister and hubby with her mum.

Their tiny absolutely overflowing with emotion ceremony was followed by lunch at the Merchant. First a few photos around town though before they headed off. Both of them have massive hearts with so much love for friends, family and each-other. Caroline spends her days promoting disability equality with her company Valuable 500, herself very visually impaired, and Gar works as an architect and event planner (hence the incredible home).

Home Sweet Home

Once they got back to Dublin and got thinking the two realised they wanted to do a bigger party – but at the perfect time for them they set about starting their married lives and working on their dream home in Dublin. Two years later it was complete and they knew the time was right so they planned the best wedding party anyone has ever seen. Throwing all tradition out the window, this wedding was an absolute rollercoaster of emotion and adventure. Starting with Caroline’s epic motorbike arrival – complete with the Garda stopping her for having no helmet on – it was set to be an amazing day from the get go.

You are my sunshine

Sunflowers had been Caroline’s bouquet in Belfast so they decorated their amazing house with hundreds of them. Their good friend Julie was celebrant for the ceremony outside their gorgeous home. Caroline’s mum, sister and dog gave her away and their ceremony featured poems and readings from family and friends. Not a dry eye in the house. They brought back one tradition – the crossing of the threshold. With Gar carrying Caroline into their newly finished home after an impromptu first dance outside. Their friends and families then joining them to see their new home and combine a house warming with a celebration of love and joy. There was dancing and singing, Caroline even learning a song to sing to Gar. You will hear it in their slideshow below.

But that’s enough talking from me I’ll let the photos do the rest.



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