Street art couple shoot in Belfast by Crazy Happy Love photography

Just got engaged???

First off – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

It’s so exciting being newly engaged. Its a major excuse to drink bubbly every night for at least a week then start planning your wedding day! There are loads of fab blogs like Rock N Roll Bride and Way Out Wedding to give you ideas. Pinterest can also be helpful (just be careful not to lose days of your life on it!). Supplier directories like This is Reportage and Quirky Weddings are a good place to start searching for ideas too.

Enjoy it!

You could have 4 years until your wedding or 4 weeks – you can do it! Where there’s a will there’s a way. So don’t let people stress you out about how soon you have to get the dress and just roll with it. Every couple I meet get told they don’t have enough time. Has any of them not pulled it off – nope! Everyone has nailed it and had an amazing day! Also don’t sweat the small stuff – nobody will notice if you don’t have favours or a donut wall!

Think of the important things…

If you have a specific date in mind bear in mind things book up fast. If you really are set on a certain date don’t be surprised if you have to book a year or two in advance. Lots of people choose anniversaries, special dates or a bank holiday weekend to extend the party. Same goes for venus – they book up fast. And if you have a specific date and venue in mind you are never too early to get in touch. Myself I have closed the books for 2020 and am filling up 2021 with a few 2022 enquiries in so if there are things you must have, get em early.

It’s a good idea to plan a budget so you don’t get carried away – but it’s a once in a lifetime event so don’t be afraid to splurge on a few things. Think about what means most to you. For me it was the photography (of course!). It’s the lasting memory of the day. Next it was the music – we both love music so the band and DJ had to be incredible. Thirdly it was the grub – we love good food and even better wine so those had to happen. We wanted a venue we could decorate ourselves so went for a non wedding venue, but nowadays there are no rules so you can plan whatever you like! Write yourself a big ol to do list and get cracking.

Say Cheese!!

Why not celebrate with an engagement shoot. I know. I know – I’m a photographer of course I’d say that! It really is a great way to calm nerves and have a fun day out though. Also not many of us stand in front of a camera a lot so it’s a great practise run to get you in the mood for your photos on the day! Here are a few recent examples of shoots I’ve done – I love it as a chance to do something completely different from your wedding day. Getting married at the beach – do your couple shoot in the forest. Having a country castle wedding – find some street art!

Here’s a little inspiration to start your pinterest board off…


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