Lisa & Lee’s Clandeboye wedding (with gin themed tables!!!)

Lisa & Lee love gin as much as I do – so much so they named all their tables at their Clandeboye Lodge wedding after their favourite tipple which I instantly fell in love with. Not only is it a great drink but there are so many pretty bottles it worked brilliantly! Their day in September last year was full of laughs from start to finish (including one at my own expense when I very nearly knocked over a candle stick during the ceremony but thankfully managed to catch it in time) and lovely moments like getting both their dads to light candles during the ceremony and the best man having a wee cry during his speech. We got the kind of autumn day wedding photographers would pay money for if they could (unfortunately ya can’t book the sun I’ve tried) and were able to make the most of it and get some gorgeous photos. They’re a pretty shy couple as they told me before hand so I shot a lot with a longer lens to ease them in, basically going for a walk and me following along at a little bit of a distance trying not to make them nervous. When I’m shooting portraits I tend to get people to head to where the light is perfect then go from there – I much prefer candid relaxed shots to overly posed grinning at the camera ones.

Lisa sadly lost her brother Tom many years ago in an accident and wore a locket with his photo in it to make him a part of the day which I thought was a genuinely lovely touch – she got her mum a matching one too. That and Lee and his new wife dancing with their gran after their first dane were my fave moments of the day – near had a wee cry behind the camera *shush no theres something in your eye* ahem…





Matthew & Kerry’s handmade autumn themed Wedding

I first met Matthew years ago when I started doing work as a photographic tutor with The Skyway Club. The Skyway Club are a group of adults with various disabilities (well they would tell ya otherwise because trust me nothing slows them down) who meet on a daily basis and work on lots of great creative projects and offer each other a support group. They’ve become great friends of mine and I love calling in for a cuppa and working on our various mad photography projects. When I heard Matthew and Kerry were getting married there was no way I wasn’t going to be their photographer as I knew how much effort they would put into making it their day. They spent SO much time making little details for the wedding – every piece of decor crafted by their own hands (with the help of the skyway guys) with a beautiful autumn theme running throughout the flowers, colours and set up of the room at The Ballygally Castle. there’s a really lovely feeling being part of a wedding day where it’s a real team effort and with friends doing the makeup, hair, music and myself behind the camera it really was a day full of their friends with their families playing a massive part. Both Kerry and Matthew are extremely close to their families and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house during their ceremony and everyone was straight up on the dancefloor with them after the first dance to party the night away too.

I’m always a fan of any bride who is brave enough to face the weather and head out for photos and Kerry came prepared with wellies to get down on to the beach for some pics – you’re only going to do it once so what if the dress gets a bit wet!! We set off in a VW camper van to brave the rain which actually let up a bit for us, then back to the gardens which had beautiful colours and light and apples lying everywhere that had fallen off the trees.  I miss autumn already roll on the next one it really is my favourite time of year!

Ciara & John’s drama filled weddings 1 & 2

Not many couples can say they had their wedding twice but in the case of Ciara & John that’s exactly what happened!! On the morning of the wedding I arrived at John’s family home Annahavil house which is a photographers dream as a location with gorgeous old rooms full of character and love. Family photos adorn every wall and his dad who he sadly lost a few years ago was still so present from his photos, musical instruments and his family’s abundant love for him shown in sentimental touches like John wearing his dad’s wedding ring engraved with his own wedding date and one of his grooms men playing h9is dad’s guitar during their ceremony.  The willow farm was really important to Ciara & John and their families for that reason so they decided to have a marquee wedding on the farm his dad had spent so many years working on.

After some time with the boys it was off to the Tullylagan to catch up with the girls who were having a blast getting ready. Alas Ciara wasn’t feeling too well but she put it down to a busy week preparing everything they had done themselves for their DIY wedding. Not long here before we headed to their gorgeous church in Cookstown for their ceremony where this besotted duo tied the knot.

And that’s where the drama kicked in – poor Ciara took  a massive turn for the worse during the ceremony and after walking down the aisle as newly weds had to be rushed home where she ended up leaving her wedding in an ambulance not a limo. In a scenario that would have sent most brides into full bridezilla mode Ciara took the entire thing like an absolute champion – she refused to let it ruin the day and insisted on all her guests having a party in their honour while her and her groom spent their first night as newlyweds in hospital. Her attitude being that she had married the love of her life so nothing would ruin the day was truly inspiring and how much John dropped everything to make sure she was ok honestly moved me to tears! Her dad took it upon himself to read the beautiful speeches the two had ridden and there was not a dry eye in the house. As a documentary wedding photographer I’m there to capture moments so I stayed despite having no bride or groom to capture as many photos of their family and friends as I could so they could at least look back and see everyone who was there and enjoy the day through their photos.

Ciara thankfully recovered in tine for the pair to manage their well deserved honeymoon. Meanwhile in the background plans were afoot to give them two the party they deserved and her bridal party and guests organised a second party for them in the Ivory so we decided to make a day of it for their Belfast wedding day! Ciara and John got dolled up again for wedding two and we headed to Queens and botanic Gardens to finally get them some gorgeous portraits before sending them off with their family and friends to party the night away (and this time she left in a taxi not an ambulance!!) A truly wonderful wedding to be a part of (both parts) and an adventure they shared which I’m sure will make for a hell of a story for years to come!!

Caroline & Gar’s Belfast Elopement

So the record for most last minute wedding booking in my career goes to the lovely Caroline & Gar. Gar’s daughter Niamh rang me three days before the wedding to see if I was available – they had planned an intimate Belfast elopement from their home town of Dublin with only their nearest and dearest. Staying at The Merchant with her mum and sister, Caroline threw all tradition out the window by proposing to Gar (a woman after my own heart!!) and wearing a stunning vintage orange and pink number with epic blue sueded shoes.

I literally welled up behind the camera during their beautiful ceremony where they read personalised vows and readings and Brian Kennedy sang their favourite songs. everyone in the room was singing along and totally caught up in the emotion of the day. They were on a tight schedule to get lunch with family at The Merchant so we got some lovely street portraits near by with backgrounds that complimented their outfits. Caroline herself has issues with her vision at distances so I got lots of little details so she could relive the day and see everything afterwards and literally moments after lunch the adventure continued as they headed off on their honeymoon.

In chats with them I found out about the exciting project Caroline has founded called Valuable which campaigns for equal rights for people like herself with disabilities and she is currently on a campaign on horse back to promote the cause – such a genuine privliledge to meet them on their wedding day and I have loved getting to know them and finding out about their exciting work since. Here are some photos from their wedding day in the City Hall in Belfast and the Merchant Hotel.

Hope ya enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!


Collette & Ian

I met Collette & Ian well over a year before their wedding day and I think they were as surprised as me by how quickly the time flew in. They planned a glamorous art deco styled family celebration at the Beech Hill in Derry with their marriage taking place in the adorable church just outside it’s gates. Their priest from home in Pomeroy came to lead the mass and it was a truly touching ceremony – Collette being the 5th member of the same family he had married. It’s so special when the celebrant really knows the couple and the day was filled with laughter, happy tears and fun family memories and stories. A bagpiper led them across to their reception in a burst of gorgeous sunshine which meant we were able to make the mosts of the lovely gardens around the Beech Hill and get them some gorgeous portraits, Collette’s stunning Jenny Packham gown sparkling in the bright light. Their tables were themed with qualities such as “love” and “patience” and they even had Irish dancers to start the evening party off with a bang. A proper Irish wedding full of dancing and great memories – even some of the guests took to the mic to join the band!



Una & Piers

Back in May 2017 I had the absolute pleasure of shooting for Una & Piers at their intimate Malin Head wedding – literally at the top of Ireland overlooking the sea. It was a tiny family and best friends only affair which really pulled at the heart strings, with a ceremony in a gorgeous church followed by their reception at the Beech Hill in Derry. Having never been to Malin Head before I headed up really early to check out some great photo spots and it did not disappoint – the scenery is STUNNING! If you haven’t been I urge you to go! Una rocked an incredible alternative style blue hand embroidered dress which the beautiful Irish scenery only complimented. The grey, stormy skies and seas only added to the atmosphere – cloudy days make for great photos!!! Which is a good thing since we live in Ireland and the sun seems to forget us a lot of the time. I could have taken them out for days to do photos – I mean if you give a photographer that much to work with they’re gonna be happy!  But since I only had a short time we made the most of it and headed out to the cliffs.

There’s something to be said about being wedding photographer at a cosy, intimate wedding. There’s a closeness to it and it felt really special to be a little part of it. I’ve been lucky enough to do a few weddings like that this year and you really end up feeling like part of the family. I try to keep a really relaxed feel to the day and capture real, happy moments without staging them or adding lots of filters and effects afterwards. In my work it’s all about the couple and the day and those moments you’ll want to look back on. Your photos should be timeless and honest and when you have the chance to really chat to everyone in the group and put everyone at ease it makes that so much more obvious in the pictures so here’s a selection from Una & Pier’s wedding day.


Una & Piers

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Gemma & Barry

Full of laughter and dancing, Gemma & Barry’s Malone House Wedding was a brilliant day from start to finish. Arriving in a gorgeous vintage VW with her bridesmaids right behind in a baby blue camper van, the day had a vintage style with stunning screen siren makeup by Rebecca Bryson, a Justin Alexander dress to die for and the sparkliest Kate Spade shoes I have ever seen. Their reception had so many lovely personalised details like tables named after places they’d visited in Paris (where they got engaged) and an epic playlist from the band. When you find out the groom loves Kiss as much as you do (in fact since he has an Ace Frehley tattoo maybe even a little bit more) you know you’re on to a winner. We had four seasons in one day weather wise but the sun shone at all the right times and they even had a beautiful outdoor summer ceremony (a rare occasion in an Irish summer)