Caroline & Gar’s Belfast Elopement

So the record for most last minute wedding booking in my career goes to the lovely Caroline & Gar. Gar’s daughter Niamh rang me three days before the wedding to see if I was available – they had planned an intimate Belfast elopement from their home town of Dublin with only their nearest and dearest. Staying at The Merchant with her mum and sister, Caroline threw all tradition out the window by proposing to Gar (a woman after my own heart!!) and wearing a stunning vintage orange and pink number with epic blue sueded shoes.

I literally welled up behind the camera during their beautiful ceremony where they read personalised vows and readings and Brian Kennedy sang their favourite songs. everyone in the room was singing along and totally caught up in the emotion of the day. They were on a tight schedule to get lunch with family at The Merchant so we got some lovely street portraits near by with backgrounds that complimented their outfits. Caroline herself has issues with her vision at distances so I got lots of little details so she could relive the day and see everything afterwards and literally moments after lunch the adventure continued as they headed off on their honeymoon.

In chats with them I found out about the exciting project Caroline has founded called Valuable which campaigns for equal rights for people like herself with disabilities and she is currently on a campaign on horse back to promote the cause – such a genuine privliledge to meet them on their wedding day and I have loved getting to know them and finding out about their exciting work since. Here are some photos from their wedding day in the City Hall in Belfast and the Merchant Hotel.

Hope ya enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!