Orangetree House Wedding by Crazy Happy Love Photography

Lauren & Chris’ gorgeous vintage themed Orangetree House Wedding

But First Coffee!

My adventure with Lauren and Chris started with our meeting in Sprucefield car park. We had met for coffee but since the M&S coffee shop had closed early and nowhere else was open bar McDonald’s, we pulled up a chair outside and got a chat. I knew from the fact they were laid back enough to handle this that they were my sort of couple. We ended up chatting for over an hour about their plans for the day at their Orangetree House wedding in August. At that point it was almost 2 years away – time flies!!

They decided to do an engagement shoot in the gorgeous Lady Dixons park to get them ready for the big day. It’s always a winning idea – firstly to put nerves at rest, and secondly, to have lovely photos for your invitations. Like everyone I ever meet they said they hated having their photo taken. I get this all the time but during the shoot they certainly got into it! And like everyone else they were fab at it – you guys are all too hard on yourselves!

Orangetree House Wedding

Their August wedding in Orangetree House was absolutely beautiful. First off the vintage tea party theme which meant beautiful vintage china on every table in addition to stunning pastel floral decor everywhere! And what can I say about Lauren’s dress. I have honestly never seen anything like it! Elegant and figure hugging with a bardot neckline. The addition of pleats at the bottom made it a truly one off gown! She went with a loose up-do styled by Danibelle and gorgeous makeup by Christine Patterson. Chris was absolutely styling in a dark blue tweed suit – I love seeing a bit of colour on grooms!!

Four Seasons In One day

The day started off with sunshine blazing, it quickly turned to torrential rain during their ceremony. It even got dark as if someone turned the lights out (ahh the joys or Ireland). Thankfully that only lasted a few hours so it didn’t get in the way. We were able to use the stunning natural light at the Orangetree windows and old stone walls for some portraits.  Then after that we were able to head out after dinner when the sun returned. That’s the joy of your photographer hanging about. It means you have a second, more champagne filled chance if the weather decides to be a nightmare!! Above all it means you get photos from lots more of your day to look back on.

Lauren’s bridesmaids deserve an award for best team ever – good bridesmaids are so important!! They were happily carrying her dress to avoid the mud and helped me lay down black bin liners to make a dry path. During it all generally being the best craic ever of course!

Chris is a huge Killers fan too so if you like them too get a peek at their Brandon Flower’s soundtracked slideshow. However you should be warned, the song will stick in your head for days…




Erin & David's outdoor wedding at Ballydugan Mill

Erin & David’s outdoor wedding at Ballydugan Mill

Tying the knot in the sun by the lake

These guys planned an absolutely gorgeous day outside and for once the weather in Ireland played ball. Not fans of posing they asked for lots of candid photos and a small set of family pics. That’s a really great mix for when you want to keep everyone happy. Some family pics but also no spending ages getting photos. I’m a big fan of letting people enjoy their day with guests rather than look at me for hours.  Erin & David actually live in Montreal but David grew up in Finaghy, my old hood. They wanted to come back to have a Belfast wedding here with family and fell in love with Ballydugan.

David and Erin tied the knot quite literally with a hand fasting ceremony at the lake at the gorgeous Ballydugan mill. They used a piece of family tartan to carry out the traditional Irish ceremony.  Set against a backdrop of sun reflecting on the lake it really was beautiful. A really nice alternative to wedding rings if you are looking for something different for your ceremony.

You are my sunshine!

When you’re planning an outdoor ceremony you have to try and keep calm if the weather doesn’t behave but thankfully not an issue this time. This was especially great news since Erin’s family had all travelled from New York so now they think Ireland is sunny and lovely all the time (it is we promise, come visit!!) Sun can be tricky for photos but working with light and shade can give epic images. It was however, really windy so the outdoor games they had set up were traded in favour of drinking guinness inside the cozy bar and listening to music. The guys had set up gorgeous tables with little bottles of maple syrup as favours (I have had some on my pancakes since and it did not disappoint!) They also had the most adorable flower girls and pageboys I have ever seen.

First looks FTW!

They decided to do a first look before the ceremony and I have to say i LOVE these! I wish I’d done it myself (butI was already late so ya know, not happening!) That moment where they first see eachother is a total heart burster and definitely a fantastic photo op. The best bit – they totally forget you’re there with the camera so you just snap away while they’re lost in the moment! It also means you have more free time later as your photos can be done early in the day.

Check out their highlights slideshow below to see some lovely romantic moments, candid wedding photos and fantastic dance floor moves!! I’ve posted a few faves in a gallery too. Check out the sleepy pageboy at the end, what a wee dote!


newborn photography belfast

Hey everybody!!!

 I’m in Crazy Happy Love!!!


funny baby portrait


So things have been a little hectic with a new little one joining the family – everyone meet Clara! If you follow me on instagram you’ve probably seen her already. I fully admit to having baby spammed my stories!! She is the best thing ever and totally my favourite person! She also means things have been quiet over here at Crazy Happy Love. I’ve been taking my time to enjoy hanging out with her. Getting to know everything about her has been my job of late and I love it. She loves books and hates socks. She speaks fluent dinosaur and can make a mess with an avocado like nobody else. But now I’m getting back in business mode

But I miss photographing your lovely faces so I’m starting to get back at it now (ie write blog posts and the like when she sleeps!) I’m now taking bookings for 2020 wedding photography and they’re actually coming in fast which is brilliant so please do get in touch if you’re interest in booking with me! You can check out the pages on here to see lots of recent work and my style of photos.

This is my promise to actually start using this blog for a change. You’ll notice I deleted my old posts as I want to get it totally fresh and really make it look awesome this time. If there is anything at all you would like me to chat about please do let me know on the get in touch page! I’m planning lots of real weddings, info and tips and general banter because why not!!! But you may also get the odd random rant just for the craic.

Want portraits like the ones in here?

Get in touch – Clara has been the best model ever and we would love to share what we have learnt about getting great family portraits with your family too!