The party starts when the lights go down!

When the lights go down people lose themselves in the music, the atmosphere and the dancing which makes it the perfect time to capture great candid shots of your guests having the time of their lives! Your reception is the chance to relax and celebrate – all the planning, the hours making table plans and favours, picking your flowers and your guestlist – it’s all done now and you’ve said your vows and made your speeches. When the night comes and you’re getting ready for your first dance, everyone around you will be celebrating with you!

I love capturing the evening part of a wedding. Your first dance when you take to the stage for the first time as a married couple, everybody joining you to celebrate – what could be better! Lively, fun images caught in the moment which always make me smile when I am looking back through them and let you look back and remember how much fun you all had on the big day.