Laura & Ben : Engagement Shoot

Laura and Ben are tying the knot at the start of March and were both pretty terrified about being in front of the camera so we decided to do an engagement shoot to put all the nerves to rest!! Engagement shoots are a great idea if you’re nervous – they give you a chance to get used to the camera and see that it’s not actually as scary as you think! When I’m doing engagement shoots I love to pick somewhere that’s a total contrast to where people want to go for their wedding photos so you get a really nice, varied set of photos to look back on. As Laura and Ben are going for The Merchant for their big day we met in Donaghadee (where they’re getting married so I’ve saved the light house until then) and headed to the rocky beach at Orlock Point outside Bangor. There is literally no way on earth it would be manageable in a wedding dress and heels so a perfect reason to use it as a more relaxed shoot and it’s a place the guys love near where they live too! Typically for our lovely island the weather was as hit and miss as it usually tends to be – starting with so much sun we were blinded and ending with us rushing for shelter before the heavens opened. But in between we were blessed with some gorgeous wintery light and had a great afternoon making some of my fave ever engagement shoot photos!

I’ve changed up my editing style a little – trying to get more warm tones into photos and really pleased with the results so far – I don’t use filters or a lot of effects as I like the photos to be natural and timeless so subtle tweaks to colour and tone along with using my gorgeous 35mm art lens way more (I love it I’d shoot everything on it if I could!)

Can’t wait for their wedding day in March now!!

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