Lisa & Erin’s loved up city shoot

A few months ago after yet another disappointing decision by our “government” (let’s be honest they aren’t doing much at the minute and none of us get paid to sit around doing nothing so I feel calling them an actual government is a joke but that’s another story!!) to yet again put a stop to marriage equality I decided to offer a chance on instagram for some LGBTQ couples to win a couple photoshoot. It’s only a small gesture but I wanted to show that I believe love is love and nobody has any right to get in the way of two people who want to make a lifelong commitment to one another. I do a lot of work with the LGBT community and have a lot of friends who this ridiculous ruling affects. I could get married without anyone getting in my way, why can’t they? I view every relationship as equal to mine and Dee’s and fail to see why our country refuses to change it’s backwards rules. We are the only part of the UK still stuck in this rut but I do believe it will change if enough people show their support to change it. It’s not asking a lot – just treat everybody the same and in the words of the mighty Bill and Ted “be excellent to each other!”

The competition which started as a frustrated bid to show that I, working in the wedding industry, support equality and do not think there should be a difference,  actually ended up really opening my eyes and I got to talk to and meet some really great people, which in fairness is why I do this job. I love meeting people that I wouldn’t get to in another line of work and getting to spend some time getting to know them. My work has let me travel to awesome places and meet so many amazing people. I heard some really lovely stories that made me wish I had the time spare to meet and photograph every couple but sadly there are only 7 days in the week and my work keeps me pretty tied up for six of them!

Lots of couples got in touch, the first of whom being Lisa & Erin. I was instantly caught by their lovely message and the fact lots of their friends nominated them too as a surprise.  First off they are the sweetest couple ever – I couldn’t help but be moved by just how crazy about each other they are.The girls had said they liked the idea of something urban and edgy so we found some great spots of street art (thanks Culture Night for giving me some great backdrops by the likes of Dan Kitchener, Friz and Deep Love by ADW Art). We took a walk about belfast on a surprisingly sunny autumn day and then took to the roof of the Oh Yeah Music Centre for some gorgeous rooftop shots overlooking the city. theyre actually tying the knot next week and I hope they have an absolutely amazing day! Here’s a wee peek at some of their photos, hope you like them

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